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North Myrtle Beach Kitchen Remodel

Are you ready for a change? The key to a flawless North Myrtle Beach kitchen remodel is bringing in a cabinet professional. Our locally owned and operated company has been the driving force behind many beautiful North Myrtle Beach kitchen renovation projects for years. Our small staff consists of highly skilled professionals who have a good eye for timeless style and design.

Good Value, Great Service

The key to a successful project is being able to create unique solutions without going over your customers’ budgets. We buy all the materials needed for a North Myrtle Beach kitchen remodel directly from the factory. There is no need to pass on extra fees and overhead charges to our customers!

  • See It – Located at our office is a large showroom, constantly updated with the latest trends in kitchen remodel in North Myrtle Beach. Stroll through to get a few ideas.


  • Design It – No kitchen design is complete without a professional measurement of your home. There is a level of exactness that needs to be present in order to completely fulfil each client’s expectations of a job well done.


  • Build It – Our team of trained and skilled craftsmen will personally handle each step of installation. It is our passion to bring joy and beauty into our customers’ homes.

Sign Up for Your Personal Consultation

We are committed to providing insightful and honest advice regarding your North Myrtle Beach kitchen remodel. In a combined effort, we will take your ideas and use them to draw up plans and a budget for your North Myrtle Beach kitchen renovation. At Cabinets-N-Stock we have a feeling you’ll be blown away by the amount of money you save without having to cut out the service. Give us a call today to schedule a private consultation in the showroom or in-house. We can’t wait to meet you.